Our group focuses on the development and understanding of new hybrid, oxide, and nano-structured catalysts for a number of transformations relevant to energy and fuels, emissions and environmental catalysis, and industrial chemical processes. 

Special attention is paid to developing synthesis-structure-function relationships for supported oxides. A guiding principle is that combining atom-precise syntheses with mechanistic investigations will improve the rational design and selection of new catalysts.

The Research page describes some current projects.

The Notestein Research Group at NAM 26 on the Chicago Riverwalk in a Volcano plot formation.

(From left): Qining, Emily, Andrew R., Alex A. (PhD, 2018), Sol (PhD, 2019), Charmaine, Louisa (PhD, 2018), Kenton, Nick (PhD, 2017), Justin, Christian, Andrew W., Mark, Mihir, Christian Canlas (Post. Doc., 2012).

Recent News

November 2019
 Charmaine and Mihir publish in ACS Catalysis. 
Many congratulations!
 Andrew W. is now a Ph.D. candidate
. Congrats Drew!

October 2019
 Louisa and Scott publish in Catalysis Letters. 
Great work!
 Josh wins the 
George Thodos Teaching Award for being an exceptional  TA for CHEM ENG 212. Congrats Josh!

September 2019
 Mihir and Charmaine publish in ACS Catalysis. Congrats you two!

August 2019
 Sol publishes in ChemCatChem. Congrats Sol!
 Chao, Scott and Alex G. publish in Applied Catalysis B. Great work everyone!

June 2019
 Louisa, Sol, Christian, Charmaine, Emily, Andrew R., Mihir,  and Andrew W. present at NAM 26. Great work everyone!
 Mihir receives the leadership fellowship from the Northwestern Center for Leadership!

May 2019
 Dr. Gosavi successfully defends her thesis. Many congratulations!
 Kenton is now a PhD candidate. Great work Kenton!